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Dressed for the Industry

There's no getting around it; In every job interview, you're going to be judged, at least partially, by how you look.

Take a look at general interview attire expectations for eight career areas: 
Technology Field                                  

If you're applying for a technical position, you won't need a suit. A collared shirt and khakis or slacks would work. Same applies for women -- sweater or blouse and slacks or a skirt.

But upgrade your attire if you're interviewing for a higher-level job. Dress in the best clothes you have.  No exceptions.


Nothing is more precise and exact than managing money. You cannot afford to have anything out of place. That includes everything from your hair, tie, down to your shoe strings. Full business professional attire is required and expected.


At a government interview, don't be flashy. This is a time to show you're responsible, trustworthy and honest.

But a bit of color is OK, whether you're a man or a woman.

Be conservative with jewelry, makeup and hairstyles. Be conservative overall. Just remember the days of all white shirts for men in government are no longer a necessity.

Human Resources

For an HR interview you must look professional and authoritative. You'll need the look that you could handle any crisis and be dependable.


Typically, a suit is the uniform for a sales interview. After all who would want to buy from a guy in a T-shirt and jeans.

You might be able to go with bolder designs and colors. The product or service you're representing will determine how classic versus trendy/fashionable you should be.


Here's an exception where a potential employer will understand if you have a little dirt or grease under your nails. You still want to look as neat as possible, but a suit is probably not necessary.

That is, unless you're interviewing at a high-end dealership. In that case it's probably best to dress up a bit more.


Image is absolutely critical in the hospitality industry. A suit is appropriate for some positions but not always a must, however, you always need to make a great initial impression. You're representing the company, and you may be the first person seen.


For men, a nice pair of Dockers and a buttoned shirt, along with well-kept and polished shoes. The same appies to women; Nice slacks and a professional business top. A suit or sports jacket for this type of work is overkill.

Of course, one industry's excess is another industry's under dressed. So don't be afraid to ask, because no matter what, your packaging counts.

That packaging includes the little things. For example, shoes should be in excellent condition, as should totes and outerwear.

You really never do get a second chance to make a good first impression. By investing some time and money in creating a suitable interview wardrobe, you will invite others to easily invest back in you.


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