Energetic. Smart. Skilled. Successful. Forward-Looking. Family oriented. Why wouldn't you want to meet people like these? Here's a snap shot of who regularly visits - Don't forget, you benefit from applicants that visit our Employee DrivesTM and Career Fairs!

Educational Facility

imageThey're sharp ...
  • 74% are high school graduates that need educational guidance
targetThey're in a career-focused time of life ...
  • 93% are 18 - 54 years old
  • Students come to our website looking for training
briefcaseExperienced and Unexperienced Audience...
  • Early career (0-6 years work experience): 60%
  • Mid career (7-15 years work experience): 20%
  • Pros (15+ years work experience): 20%
industriesThey work in fast-growing industries ...
  • Information Technology
  • Health Care
  • Education/training
  • Business
  • Engineering
imageMost importantly, they want to hear from you
  • 92% are actively looking for a new job
  • 8% are passively evaluating new career options
  • 86% of our traffic would like the option to further their education

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Employer Benefits

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  • Additional Info

  • Our audience traffic is regular. They constantly want to update their resumes, check employer responses and find the next Career Fair in their area.

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